Sunday, July 4, 2010

Should I quit blogging?

Suddenly I feel like quitting blogging. It has a lot of reasons for me to quit it.

First, a post can makes a lot of conflict and misunderstanding. Most of it is conflicts between girls. I read one of my girl-friend's blog just now. I'm thinking, is that about me? Girls like to write about PEOPLE they hate and blog about PEOPLE on the blog. Including me. I like to do it too. I admitted. If you hate me, go away from me, if can't don't talk to me. If I know u hate me, thanks for hating me. One day, I'll prove to you that you're wrong.

Second, a post can makes people feel that you're showing off. It's like what you bought you sure blog about it right? or what you ate or where you went. I mean the people is who hates you might think that you're showing off. the readers enjoy it much when reading it.

Third, I used most of my time to manage my blog. I'm addicted to blogging. but now, I want to quit it. maybe end of this month huh? Need some time to think about it. haha

If I quit, for sure I'll visit your blog always ! :) haha.

ermm? do not pigeon-holing ?


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