Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Should I quit blogging?

Suddenly I feel like quitting blogging. It has a lot of reasons for me to quit it.

First, a post can makes a lot of conflict and misunderstanding. Most of it is conflicts between girls. I read one of my girl-friend's blog just now. I'm thinking, is that about me? Girls like to write about PEOPLE they hate and blog about PEOPLE on the blog. Including me. I like to do it too. I admitted. If you hate me, go away from me, if can't don't talk to me. If I know u hate me, thanks for hating me. One day, I'll prove to you that you're wrong.

Second, a post can makes people feel that you're showing off. It's like what you bought you sure blog about it right? or what you ate or where you went. I mean the people is who hates you might think that you're showing off. the readers enjoy it much when reading it.

Third, I used most of my time to manage my blog. I'm addicted to blogging. but now, I want to quit it. maybe end of this month huh? Need some time to think about it. haha

If I quit, for sure I'll visit your blog always ! :) haha.

ermm? do not pigeon-holing ?


Friday, July 2, 2010


突然想用华语来写部落格,因为受到别人华语部落格的影响尤其是惠儿。超喜欢读他的部落格!"按一下 " 我个人是觉得华语是比较有亲切感啦~ 不会华语的朋友,不好意识!哈哈。

是叻,不知道做么,最近老是脾气很暴躁,小气,固执,不喜欢听别人的意见。 每一次,一点点小事就要耍脾气。很像很大酱。最近, 家里真的是发生很多不愉快的事啦。可是现在已经平静下来了。我还是有一种感觉很像同样的事会在发生。烦是就真的事很烦啦。想找个人来诉苦都难 :( 有啦,陈伟俊咯。 真的很像时间可以倒流,回到小小的时候,什么都不用烦。我不小,可是我也不大。我才16岁,就要背着比别人重的包袱。读书的压力真的很大,家人给的压力更大,老师给的压力更更大。 一个对我完全不重要的人也要的我压力(其实是自己拿来的),就是其中一位超级老师说了一句话,我很不服气!我没有超级我不会死!我的成绩一定会比想象中的更好!(绝对没在侮辱超级的意识)。 

最近啊,朋友们都各忙各的。说真的啦,form 4 真的没有比想象中的容易。 对我来说,它不是honeymoon year。 很忙,压力大。 agree? 是啊, 我在学着如何每一件事情的望好的方面去想,看开一点,别人或自己也会开心一点嘛,对不对?我爸真的教了我很多,例如:
- 如果别人故意做了一些事情弄得你很不高兴,他或她想弄你生气,你就更不因该生气!因为你不是他的宠物。他叫你做什么你就做, 你弄你生气,你就生气。
- 驾驶的时候,你看到对方再骂你,你不因该骂回他, 因为,对方再骂的是自己而不是你,因为你都没有听到, 只有对方或他身边的人听见而已。 

sherlynn 也是教了我很多很多, 其中几个是,
-爱showoff的人,我们应该原谅他。他们showoff是因为他们找不到快乐,他们必须拿他们能showoff 的东西来找到快乐。 对不对?
- nothing is impossible, impossible is nothing. everything is possible if you do and try it. Why don't you say it's possible to do it? do not give up easily.
还有很多很多。 很奇怪hor? 我们两个一在一起就谈这些。哈哈。 

乐观的看待那一件事情,那一件事就会变好的。说真的,我比以前乐观多了!哈哈。平凡就好~~ 哈哈。 

kawan , 一起加油,fight for a better result and fight for a brighter future. Study doesn't mean anything but what is important to us is study. What to do eh ? haha. Get the best result for our SPM Final exam ! haha. GOOD LUCK

Do not get bored to this chinese post. it's meaningful thou. try to get what I meant because it had been 2 years I didn't write in chinese.. If it's bored, im so sorry. because this is quite meaningful to me. maybe it's just a rubbish to you. don't try to give complains about my blog is getting boring. because I don't know what should I blog about. sorry !

I'm feeling great now. no more feeling vomit and fever or else. that's what I'm blogging right now. but got to go soon. still doing the PRS's thingy for the competition. Oh my gosh. don't really know how to decorate a board to a attractive and not-so-messy board. aarhh. 3 more boards left !


Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Gonna post little random thingy about me.

Today which is Thursday, I didn't go to school. I told my friends the reason why I didn't go to school is Tired but actually not. Not feeling well. Was felt like vomiting and dizzy yesterday night. I don't know what I unhygienic food I ate. argh. but then I'm going to tuition later la. 

I know all of my result already. Every subject passed ! I'm not satisfied. I tiru-ed, and I didn't study hard before doing the exam questions. I didn't try my best. ahaha. Final exam is coming. I'm so ' excited ' to hear that. it's good to walao eh. 

A high heel is needed so badly ~ argh. you know what? I ejek my sister that my birthday is coming and asked her to buy something for me. haha. guess what she said ? ? I get shocked when she said that. haha. 


Monday, June 28, 2010

Damai Laut 25th - 28th June 2010

I'm blogging about Damai Laut now : ) I didn't break the promise. haha. I was so excited when I knew that Aaron's mom asked me to go along with them. The feeling was like .. umm , undescribeable. Actually, my mother didn't allow me to go, because she thought that Aaron asked me to go. It had been a long time I didn't go to vacation. It was because my parents are busy with their works :( Money no enough. So, they have to work hard and earn for more money ! haha.

Straight to point.

The first day, Saturday. I woke up around 10 am and dressed myself. The luggage packed yesterday night :D haha. Aaron's dad came my house and fetch me around 11.30 :) haha. The trip started. haha. While on the way to Kuala Selangor to have our lunch, I took this :)

I really love this pictures. It doesn't meaningful , and I guess you guy don't know what's that. haha I'm not going to tell :P haha

On the way to Damai Laut. :) I didn't slept while going there. Because I was wearing contact lens. I scared the contact lens will go into my eye when I open my eye. haha I know I'm such a dumbo. haha.

Yeah Yeah , I took this :P haha
The gummy bear candies on his lips. Credits by winniely :) haha
I laugh my lungs out when I look at it. haha. 

We arrived there at 7 :) After checked in and changed our shirt, we went to beach. The beach doesn't look very nice. But it still a good place to relax :) 
Aaron and Amelia :)

which is nicer ? seriously.

Failed jumping. 

The second day, we woke up at 11 sharp. All of us very tired because we chat a alot at yesterday night. Actually , Amelia and I chat a lot not Aaron. haha. Okay, we bought the Jeti ticket at Marina. Let the picture says everything.

Playing with sand. haha.

Yea, that's all for the trip. I'm going to clean up my stuff and prepare for school :( LAZY ! argh. 
My tummy is full of fatty acid now. argh. I need help :( haha