Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Gonna post little random thingy about me.

Today which is Thursday, I didn't go to school. I told my friends the reason why I didn't go to school is Tired but actually not. Not feeling well. Was felt like vomiting and dizzy yesterday night. I don't know what I unhygienic food I ate. argh. but then I'm going to tuition later la. 

I know all of my result already. Every subject passed ! I'm not satisfied. I tiru-ed, and I didn't study hard before doing the exam questions. I didn't try my best. ahaha. Final exam is coming. I'm so ' excited ' to hear that. it's good to walao eh. 

A high heel is needed so badly ~ argh. you know what? I ejek my sister that my birthday is coming and asked her to buy something for me. haha. guess what she said ? ? I get shocked when she said that. haha. 


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