Monday, June 28, 2010

Damai Laut 25th - 28th June 2010

I'm blogging about Damai Laut now : ) I didn't break the promise. haha. I was so excited when I knew that Aaron's mom asked me to go along with them. The feeling was like .. umm , undescribeable. Actually, my mother didn't allow me to go, because she thought that Aaron asked me to go. It had been a long time I didn't go to vacation. It was because my parents are busy with their works :( Money no enough. So, they have to work hard and earn for more money ! haha.

Straight to point.

The first day, Saturday. I woke up around 10 am and dressed myself. The luggage packed yesterday night :D haha. Aaron's dad came my house and fetch me around 11.30 :) haha. The trip started. haha. While on the way to Kuala Selangor to have our lunch, I took this :)

I really love this pictures. It doesn't meaningful , and I guess you guy don't know what's that. haha I'm not going to tell :P haha

On the way to Damai Laut. :) I didn't slept while going there. Because I was wearing contact lens. I scared the contact lens will go into my eye when I open my eye. haha I know I'm such a dumbo. haha.

Yeah Yeah , I took this :P haha
The gummy bear candies on his lips. Credits by winniely :) haha
I laugh my lungs out when I look at it. haha. 

We arrived there at 7 :) After checked in and changed our shirt, we went to beach. The beach doesn't look very nice. But it still a good place to relax :) 
Aaron and Amelia :)

which is nicer ? seriously.

Failed jumping. 

The second day, we woke up at 11 sharp. All of us very tired because we chat a alot at yesterday night. Actually , Amelia and I chat a lot not Aaron. haha. Okay, we bought the Jeti ticket at Marina. Let the picture says everything.

Playing with sand. haha.

Yea, that's all for the trip. I'm going to clean up my stuff and prepare for school :( LAZY ! argh. 
My tummy is full of fatty acid now. argh. I need help :( haha 



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